The heel no longer have to be more an ordeal, he has come a savior to the list of trends that promises (apparently) make us easier and more comfortable life.

That phrase that says you have to suffer to show off has passed away, because now when we look choose footwear, plus a nice and trend, comfort design. Stilettos, sandals and shoes strips impossible without an ergonomic sole are options that increasingly more rule. A reflection of this election is evident in the top sneakers trend that celebrities choose each day to close their looks.

Model Gigi Hadid in Paris 30 September 2015.

But the trend sporty footwear is not only what you wear, the heel remains an ally to feel more stylish and feminine; the fundamental difference is that the format of the heel fits our need for comfort, from a model needle to a square design, in which the foot rests better and we can feel more stable and safe to take longer.

Nicky Hilton in Beverly Hills, California on January 7, 2016. en la foto : bolso de la firma

The boots are the favorite choice of celebrities, but we have also seen a return to the past in the shoes, which are a true reflection of women’s shoes that wore in the sixties, thanks to the Slingback Chanel have been reborn and make our life more comfortable.

Discover the models that your feet will want chocks from now on in the photogallery and enjoy the best heel height and longer.